To Educate is to Free Part Two: A Physician’s Guide

To Educate is to free (a Physician’s Guide)

When I started this “How to Fight Gluten/GERD and Win” blog I wasn’t sure what I could add to the conversation/discussion.  I am not a doctor but like most other sufferers armed myself with knowledge.  I studied every day diligently for 4 years reading at least 3 to 4 articles daily on what the latest information was to be known about gluten/Celiac disease/NCGS and the like.

And I have mentioned this elsewhere in this blog but through the established medical practice of differential diagnosis method I begin to contrast and compare possible causes of this gluten syndrome I found myself now facing. Is it NCGS/CD or Low stomach acid mis-diagnosed

A careful analysis led me to understand that low stomach acid misdiagnosed (often as high stomach acid because the symptoms’ are similar for both condition’s) had been confused with IBS, GERD, etc and with enough time and damage NCGS and/or Celiac Disease if the damage continued on for 5+ or more years from not having ENOUGH stomach acid to protect from this damage occurring in my Lower GI (small intestine).

It made sense to me by thinking about it long and hard that the stomach’s role was to protect the Small Intestine from damage whether it be(e)  viruses or difficult protein’s like lactose or gluten.

Even noted the fact that regarding acid reducers’ that “The data clearly show that patients who use anti-secretory medications are at much greater risk for developing Celiac disease following the use of these medicines.” According to Jefferson Adams.

Surely there is something we can learn here if we have ears to hear. See the link below for more information on this topic.

Note: and I quote see the whole blog post Is it NCGS/CD or Low stomach acid mis-diagnosed for a summary of this information “The fact that this connection persisted even after the team excluded prescriptions for anti-secretory medicines in the year preceding the Celiac disease diagnosis suggests a CAUSAL relationship”.

“If even after a year OFF these medicines your chances of developing Celiac Disease (CD) not to mention even NCGS which is much more prominent persists surely he is correct in postulating that there is a cause and effect relationship between low stomach acid and NCGS/CD or aka as a gluten allergy” Me summarizing their findings. Their conclusion was much more succinct and concise:

Exposure to antisecretory medications is associated with a subsequent diagnosis of celiac disease” according to the International Journal of Gastroenterology that seems pretty straight forward to me but what do I know I am just a lay person.

Note this research is over two years old now and people still are looking for remission/ a cure for/from Celiac disease/NCGS.  The problem is we often don’t recognize the problem (key) when we see it the first time.  Then the problem (key) becomes confused for the other key’s we have and one is misapplied for the other.

See my wordpress blog The Neat Solution (key method) of diagnosis by clinician’s can be messy at times for Practitioner’s and Patient’s (of Celiac Disease/NCGS/IBS/GERD) etc

Take heartburn as an example see for my Way Back from Nexium blog post for a complete explanation I have only cited an example of how the keys at times becomes confused one for the other.

“If your stomach acid (SA) was really HIGH as they suggest then eating food would not cause your heartburn when you eat food but high stomach acid would cause heartburn (a crawling of the stomach) between meals when there is not food in the stomach to weaken the acid.

IF it causes heartburn only when you eat something (carbs and fried foods mostly and beer, chocolate etc (your triggers ) (don’t certain foods bother you more than others) then your stomach acid is already too weak to digest the carbs you are eating. Eating food weakens the acid you already have … . so if eating foods cause heartburn then taking an acid reducer only makes your acid weaker.” And since the symptoms are often the same for both high and low stomach acid they can often be confused for each other.  Timeline is important in any diagnosis the time – before or after we eat food – tells’ us which of these diagnosis’s is correct.

Also see Chris Kresser’s great series of articles about “What everybody ought to know about heartburn/GERD(high stomach acid misdiagnosed) but doesn’t Below is the link  for the first article in a three article series.

Heartburn is a real diagnosis but as Chris Kresser says “a symptom is not a cause”.  And when you treat the symptoms only the cause remains.  The cause being according to Prousky a Niacin(amide) dependency. See “Niacin treats digestive (GERD) problems.

And if my stomach acid became (too) low due to extreme stress  (See the wordpress blog entry Stress kills … but it maims us first ) this energy needed for protection was used in fleeing danger instead of fighting off viruses and protein’s in the stomach.

And while 2/3 of the population has/have the genes to recover from this stress/trauma (whatever it may be) I was in the subset of the population that could not handle that much stress without being maimed from it.

Most people just go back to normal rebuilding the protective wall of stomach acid (a moat if you will) depleted during the stressful event (pregnancy, TRAUMA, injury to their child, car accident, energy needed to recover from surgery etc) but not Celiac disease patients/candidate’s they can’t/don’t have the genes to recover from stress quickly.

Craving’s make up for some of the deficiency but often the wall (stomach acid) was too depleted to rebuild without a massive overhaul (supplementation).

What was the sign that my wall (stomach acid) had been rebuilt?  Think a gurgling stream.  How peaceful the sound of running water is to hear.  The same way is burping to a healthy individual (baby) one who is  cooing instead of crying (Colic) from distension a healthy baby who now is at a state of peace (homeostasis) able to meet the/their needs to digest difficult proteins.

Yes I had achieved remission for myself but it was in an unconventional way – not popular to talk about – that there is an environmental trigger (STRESS) reversible with Vitamins.

As I often say **************************  this is not medical advice – just one (former) sufferer sharing his experience with other sufferer’s (Starfishes) the world over.

I want you to be free to eat gluten/carbs again without having heartburn/GERD.

I want you to be free to eat gluten or lactose without worrying about IBS, Constipation, Diarrhea and irregular movements like me the Celiac Posterboy by God’s Grace.

See my blog entry Are You Truly Gluten Free as you think you are? (Part 1 – a former Sufferer’s Journey about the power to change to find the (cause) as I told a friend after hearing I was no longer suffering I found the way back to “the natural order” of things.

To educate is to empower to change.  Change is not easy … I grant … but possible with education for with education comes understanding.  Understanding the “natural order” of things hopefully you will be cooing like a baby in 6 months if you experience the Golden Cross of Digestion by resetting your (stress clock) my words.

You will understand (hopefully) by reading this blog that remission is possible.  (I did not say cure) but remission is possible.

From GERD/Heartburn yes!  From low stomach acid yes!   From Celiac Disease (CD)/NCGS maybe if I am right and one disease is being confused for the other (misdiagnosed).  If I am and Prousky is right and a vitamin deficiency/dependency has caused you Pellagra like symptoms.

Then from Pellagra yes! Remission is possible IF Pellagra aka CD/NCGS today by clinician’ are at best suffering from co-morbid disease(s) at worst Celiac Disease is Pellagra undiagnosed then maybe if you/I can put are/your (GI problems) Pellagra symptoms in remission too then maybe … just maybe the one disease is the other in disguise and we have found our keys after all and the right disease has been identified.

Other researcher’ have noticed the  same thing.  See this gluten free works link where they summarize it well.

Intriguing animal research by Sandhur et. al. has shown that niacin deficiency itself sensitizes the intestinal mucosa of rats to gluten in wheat, barley, rye, oats and corn and induces susceptibility to gluten toxicity by means of cellular dysfunction.3 Human research needs to investigate this effect of niacin deficiency in human celiac disease.”

I couldn’t agree more! This research (mouse model’s are often stand in) for the way it works in human once trials begin.  This research is over 30+ years old and still Prousky is the closest to actually testing Niacin for the treatment of digestive problems in humans.

See my wordpress blog entry Science of Niacin Response to Linda  for more information on this topic

We were just confused what the symptom’s (key) went to in the first place.

It happens to us all at some point or another.

If we only looked there first we would of found our keys much sooner (an euphemism) for all the suffering we had to experience to explain why the doctor’ hadn’t found the the right disease in the beginning.

It is not his/her (doctor’s) fault it is the process.  Some key’s open bigger doors and must be ruled out before the smaller one’s can be identified.

A good differential diagnosis often can compare 8 or 10 candidate disease each being eliminated in time.

But that is precisely what a Celiac does not have because the more time (maybe another 2 to 5  years if you are lucky as an example) these invaders (proteins) over run one’s defense the flatter the Small Intestine gets the worse the absorption becomes causing malabsorption syndrome(s) which lead to maladies and disease because the body can no longer support itself (function) properly.

If I am right then I will be able to predict the future in a way (medically speaking).

Put your GI symptoms in remission.  Do you BURP?

(In a future post I will explain why this is important)  But think a runner on the football field.  A runner has to run North/South to get somewhere quickly or he quickly gets tackled in the backfield)  Hint: Digestion is a North/South Process!

Odd question it seems at first glance but think? about it a little while. (Long and hard) as I said earlier and see if what is say is true?

2 Tim 2:7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included.

Does a healthy baby burp after six months, yes it does.  Well a healthy adult should too!

If you do as I suggest you too can be burping like a healthy baby for the first time since you were a little baby or had a TRAUMA/STRESS in your life that tore down your natural defenses.

Not your soda (carbonization) burping but you burp when (your stomach) digest your food/carbs and not they digest you (bloat, gas, diarrhea  etc).  Even water will cause you to burp like when someone staunches a fire with water when they are grilling.  Steam rises when water is added so too is food when added to a strong acid (called hydrolysis) chemically digesting proteins in our body into harmless peptides.

See my wordpress blog entry where I discuss in more detail Are You a Starfish (Part 2 – of a Former Sufferer’s Journey) about how hydrolyzed wheat (gluten) is safe for Celiacs.

Also the Savy Celiac reported this information over 4 years ago now

When you start burping these other things go away as if by magic.

Either we have found the cure?/remission has occurred or CD/NCGS is the same disease by a different name aka one has been confused for the other Pellagra a Niacin deficiency is being diagnosed today as Celiac disease.

If supplementing with Niacinamide resets your GI stress then at the very least Niacin if not the cause certainly a contributing factor.

Can a cause and effect relationship be established?

A/the Canadian research Prousky thought so. See link to abstract “Niacin(amide) treats digestive problems’

Does this prove! A Niacin deficiency Is the cause for Celiac disease.  Maybe?  Maybe Not?

But surely it (Pellagra) is often being confused clinically today for Celiac Disease if you begin BURPING for the first time in years and years of malabsorption, heartburn, IBS, Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas and Bloating, Distension (pain) etc that all Celiac’s and most NCGS’s/IBS patient’s have experienced at one time or another waiting on the key diagnosis from a/their doctor who has confused his or her keys.  See by wordpress blog post Many IBS Patients Found to be Sensitive to Gluten  where “I quote “nearly 84% of the gluten- free placebo group showed a significant improvement in symptoms compared to just under 26% for the gluten consuming group.  This study confirms that a large number of patients diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome are sensitive to gluten.  The team (of doctors) suggest that the term of IBS might be misleading (you think) and may change or delay an “effective and well-targeted treatment strategy in gluten sensitive patients”. This is in IBS patients already who fulfilled Rome III (lesion) criteria.”

I repeat for emphasis “Either we have found the cure?/remission has occurred or CD/NCGS/IBS is the same disease by a different name aka one has been confused for the other or Pellagra a Niacin deficiency is being diagnosed today as Celiac disease.

But it seems likely if not causable.

How can we know if this remission is a cure? For CD/NCGS.

We can’t … not really unless more studies (keys) are performed. (But you can try the Niacinamide Challenge for your-self the way my doctor has and see if helps you the way it did him (and hundred’s of my friends)).

And the doctor’s wont’ study this outcome/theory if they can’t find their keys (symptom’s) in the first place.

But we can educate them so they will begin looking! For this key nutrient Vitamin deficiency/dependency for “To Educate is To Free” one Starfish at a time. Are You a Starfish (Part 2 – of a Former Sufferer’s Journey) to restore “the natural order of things”.

Prousky a functional medicine doctor/researcher has found the key to digestive health won’t you take it (Niacinamide) to unlock your potential health and remission from the above GI problems the way the Celiac Posterboy, his friends and his doctor has.

See my blog posts Lifestyle is risk factor for Celiac Disease

Note: Again I must say this because I am not a doctor ************* This is not medical advice.  I am not diagnosing, treating or recommending  you change your routine before consulting your doctor but my doctor has taken The Niacin (Niacinamide) Challenge himself and agrees it does’ work even though he did not recognize his keys in a clinical setting. But now that he has been educated as to what are the signs of undiagnosed Pellagra he is using the same keys to now help his remaining patients.

The symptoms’ are subclinical as I say in my book “How to Fight Gluten/GERD and Win” and more appropriately often confused for the wrong disease.

It should be briefly noted for those unfamiliar with Pellagra is call the 4 D’s disease (or who have not read my other blog posts’) From my Celiac Posterboy wordpress blog post How Pellagra can be Confused with Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity/GERD/Heartburn Etc

Acute Pellagra is defined as suffering the 3 D’s (4 if you count death) of life.

Dementia (anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc) Dermatitis (rosea, Psorsias, acne, ezcema etc) and digestive disorder such as (GERD, IBS, Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut etc.)

There are actually 20 associated diseases (associated with a Celiac diagnosis or aka undiagnosed Pellagra) depending on how long the person has been suffering Pellagra or how severe the vitamin deficiency/dependency of Niacin is” or other Vitamin/Mineral deficiency that has developed due to malabsorption like Magnesium Citrate for Chronic Fatigue and for sleep problems and/or Iodine for thyroid problems etc. .  .  . “What have you got to lose it is just a vitamin.”

“Take the Niacinamide Challenge to see if Dermatitis, Digestive, and Dementia related symptoms doesn’t disappear in 6 months or greatly improve. Not Niacin as I have mentioned several places in this blog but Niacinamide and see for yourself how your GI symptoms etc mostly go away as if you had Pellagra and the doctor’s haven’t understood it yet… .

These D’s are not the sign of several different diseases but one parent disease Pellagra with many children.

Get the right disease and you will get better! Or suffer the consequences until the doctor’s finds the right keys to diagnose you with Pellagra of you  recovering from your GI problems in as little as 6 months of/by taking Niacinamide 2 to 3 time daily (one 300 count bottle  of Niacinamide  is usually enough) until you (begin BURPING)!  Like a healthy baby!

Praise be to God!  You are/will be burping for the first time in years and years if EVER! Since your stress/trauma that drained you of this B Vitamin that helps regulate stress in the body if you have had Pellagra and clinicians have not recognized it YET in a clinical setting but take this blog entry print it out and take it to them for as we learned today “To Educate is to Free”!

Some doctor’s get it.

See this link at quoting Dr. Myhill.

where Dr. Myhill of the UK says “Niacinamide is a little Vitamin the Mitochrondia MUST have” to make the energy needed to fight off stress (my words) but if your doctor hasn’t got it YET Educate them on this so his/her other patients can benefit and you can bee the proof he/she seeks when he/she see’s first hand that your symptom’s (keys) are now in remission!

See my wordpress blog post Golden Cross of Digestion do you go once a day most days, do you BURP after every meal like a cow chews it cud (the burp is a human’s cud) and does your stool SINK to the bottom of the bowl indicating complete digestion.  Then gluten and lactose and other difficult proteins should not cause you GI distress because they are now being hydrolyzed into harmless peptides by the strong stomach acid that you now have and can now be harmless absorbed by the Small Intestine.

See the post for review of how hydrolyzed (sourdough) bread is safe for Celiac’s.

I meant this to be shorter than it is but you can only cover so much in one blog post I guess.  This is meant to be kind of a reference post where if you went and read all the previous posts (linked in this post) and this post as a summary most of your questions would be answered.

It is important to note I do not NOW take Niacinamide and have not in over 5+ years now.  If it is the missing ingredient/nutrient you will get better UNLESS more stress/trauma occurs robbing you of your God given burp indicating to you stress is now a problem again for you.

See my Gluten Independence or The 5th Anniversary of NCGS/Celiac Heartburn/GERD sufferer eating GLUTEN again — A Former Sufferer’s Story for more information about that.

**** This is not medical advice and should not be considered such. Results may vary. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical regimen. But I have found (and my doctor and friends have found) if you take it (Niacinamide) like an antibiotic (UNTIL BURPING) then 95% of your GI stress will be in remission.

If you are already taking an acid reducer like Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid, Zantac etc then you might YOU will have a rebound see my Way Back from Nexium wordpress blog post and Chris Kresser link above (what everybody ought to know (and doesn’t’) about heartburn/GERD) if this is the case for you (taking Acid Reducers) the rebound (this burning) you might feel can be mitigated by going low carb for the two months or so needed for the Niacinamide to begin working and for the “natural order” of things to occur and burping to begin and once burping regularly your heartburn will be a thing of the past.  Drinking milk (coating our insides) might help alleviate any discomfort you might feel.

If you are not already taking an acid reducer but only antacids like Tums or Rolaids then this will work (see my Epilogue at Way Back  (nothing’s 100’s percent in life right) but remember it is the rebound you are feeling and will go away in a couple weeks should a little discomfort occur in the first month of taking Niacinamide (most don’t have any) when only taking antacids they just stop needing antacids anymore after 6 to 8 weeks.

It should be noted at this point Niacinamide being a water soluble Vitamin can be taken every 3 to 4 hours (with each meal) and bed time for quickest response (burping) and then can be tapered back to once or twice a day if so desired.

Please go to Amazon key word “Fight Gluten Win”, “Fight GERD Win”, “Celiac Posterboy”, or Celiac Poster Boy” to download the FULL ebook if you want to read more about “How to Fight Gluten and Win or How the Doctor’s Almost Killed Me” free to Amazon Prime members by the Celiac Posterboy. Or go to Bing or Google and put in the  same key words to read the whole blog to Educate your self and free your self from sub-clinical Pellagra.

Then share it with someone so they can be free too!

Tell someone (share) is all I ask Are You a Starfish (Part 2 – of a Former Sufferer’s Journey) tell others is all I ask – however that is (facebook, twitter, comment on my blog, email a friend this link or link this blog to yours, reblog on your site (cite your source) or review my book on Amazon when you are BURPING for the first time in years or (EVER) – tell a friend about this blog or my book is all I ask but don’t let the chain break with you. There a lot of starfish (sufferers’) who need help.

There are 60 Million Americans who have heartburn/GERD once a month according to Webmd and this could help probably 98% of those in as little as 3 to 4 Months I believe. See my wordpress blog post Epigenetics discovered as cause of GERD/Heartburn and NCGS learn how to fight back When a Food Fight Becomes a Food Land Mine and “How to Fight GERD/Gluten and Win”

Let me teach you if you will listen  and want to learn for To Educate is to Free. “If you won’t to break that (vicious) cycle (of food being a Land Mine) and win this food fight I can help” as I say in my blog post “When Food Becomes a Land Mine”

“A virtuous cycle can replace the vicious cycle you are now in – it is caused digestion.

Digest your food with healthy stomach acid and your body will thank you for it with the God given burp” and the “natural order” of things can/will be restored.

Praise be to God! To those who hear and listen 2 Timothy 2:7 and 2 Cor 1:3,4

Joe “Rock” (Pen Name)

The Celiac Posterboy by God’s Grace

2 Tim 2:7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included.


3 thoughts on “To Educate is to Free Part Two: A Physician’s Guide

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  2. Mairllyn

    I have Celiac and have been having a terrible time with “D” these past 3 months. Read Celiac. com and your article about the Niacinamide was very interesting. Due to the problems with the GI tract, I was using a BRAT diet more often than I should have. While I do take a multi with niacin in it, probably need a lot more. Added the Niacin and Niacinamide and already things are slowing down. Yea! Just had colonoscopy today and EGD to r/o any problems, Doc said that things looked good but he took biopsies to r/o SBIO and/or another type of colitis. Once I added the niacin things started to improve. I am going to take your article to his office when I do my follow up visit. Thanks for writing it.


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