How Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Hives and other Dermatitis issues like DH commonly present in Celiac/or other GI patients is actually one of the 3 faces of Pellagra by the Celiac Posterboy

I never know where my blog post will lead me.  And this deserves its own separate blog and not just one post and who knows there might be more posts on this subject but I will start with one.

Now I pivot in my blog to talk about the Dermatitis’s of Pellagra.

And why I do not know the number (percentage) of Skin problems that occurs in Celiac’s or other GI problems I will for easy math assign them one third (1/3) each for each D of Pellagra. Though I think it has as much to do with the depth of the deficiency since all 3 D’s will present themselves in advanced Pellagra cases.

Just Google some images of Pellagra patients and almost all them will show with “rough/sour” skin conditions (see below for how Pellagra originally got its name)

Why more than one condition often exist in many GI patients like depression and dermatitis issues.

The doctor’s don’t often understand they have common origins today.

I will summarize quickly if this is the only blog post you read of mine.

Pellagra has 3 faces that often confuse doctors today but 75 years ago they were able to diagnose this disease with only 3 symptoms the D’s of Pellagra.

Dementia’s, Digestive Disorder and Dermatitis issues.  Are You starting to see a pattern here?

If it starts with a D then Pellagra a Niacin deficiency is involved. Quoting the Celiac Posterboy

These D’s a Celiac patient encounters are not the sign of several different diseases but one parent disease Pellagra with many children.

And brings me to the reason for my post today, I see this a lot and thought a post on why dermatitis issues presenting with GI problems are related and why doctor’s often don’t recognize these connections today was needed.

“You in the back of the class, yeah you reading this blog” Do any of you know what Pellagra means?

Probably not, I guess unless you know a little Italian or Latin.   When Pellagra first came on the scene as a diagnosable disease medicine was really just getting its start as science.

According to a quick search on wikipedia and Pellagra page pops up as a search result

Quoting wikipedia “Pellagra was first described for its dermatological effect in Spain in 1735 by Gaspar Casal. He explained that the disease causes dermatitis in exposed skin areas such as hands, feet and neck and that the origin of the disease is poor diet and atmospheric influences.[24] His work published in 1762 by his friend Juan Sevillano was titled ‘Historia Natural y Medicina del Principado de Asturias’ or Natural and Medical History of the Principality of Asturias (1762). This led to the disease being known as “Asturian leprosy”, and it is recognized as the first modern pathological description of a syndrome.[25] It was an endemic disease in northern Italy, where it was named pelle agra (pelle = skin; agra = sour) by Francesco Frapolli of Milan.[26] With pellagra affecting over 100,000 people in Italy by the 1880s, debates raged as to how to classify the disease (as a form of scurvy, elephantiasis or as something new), and over its causation.”

Pellagra was first diagnosed as a SKIN disease, Class.  I bet none of you knew that – that your “rough/sour skin” was diagnosed as a disease 250+ years ago and cured by a Vitamin 75+years ago yet still doctors’ today struggle with diagnosing it today as a Niacin deficiency.

Continuing the Wikipedia citation “ Pellagra was studied mostly in Europe until the late 19th century when it became an epidemic especially in the southern United States.[29] In the early 1900s, pellagra reached epidemic proportions in the American South. Between 1906 and 1940 more than 3 million Americans were affected by pellagra with more than 100,000 deaths, yet the epidemic resolved itself right after dietary niacin fortification.[30]”

The point is not to make you Pellagra experts here but to educate.

Let’s look at the last sentence in this wikipedia citation “Between 1906 and 1940 more than 3 million Americans were affected by Pellagra with more than 100,000 deaths, yet the epidemic resolved itself right after dietary niacin fortification.”

YET the ( Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema my words) ie, Pellagra epidemic resolved itself right after dietary niacin fortification.

Just take a look at images on Google when you google for Pellagra link provided for easy viewing….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.17.981.wck_t2labBE

And you wonder how they could ever forget?  That Pellagra means rough skin.

Did you now a Vitamin could help your Acne?  Well it can the way it did 75+ years ago when it first discovered.

It is often one of the early signs of someone with undiagnosed Pellagra today.  I see it a lot and why I am writing about it today.  I give them my card “How to Fight Gluten/GERD and Win or How the Doctor’s Almost Killed Me” but people never make the connection.

They look at me with a blank stare on their face not realizing that even something as simple as a Vitamin can help their inflamed skin.

Yes Acne is inflammation and Vitamin B-3 in the Niacinamide form when put into someone’s face cream often helps people with Acne.  At my local vitamin store Niacinamide is on standing orders from the local Dr.’s of Dermatitis because they know it helps 10 to 15 percent better than prescription medicine.

They don’t recognize it as Pellagra mind YOU they just know it helps.

See this link about why this is so

Where quoting Dr. Heaney he correctly states “it is doubtful today that most health professionals would not recognize it (Pellagra) if a case happened to come to their attention” Today!

Pellagra is not a disease of the past as Dr. Heaney say but a disease that is not diagnosed today!

And often diagnosed as Dermatitis issues instead! Like acne, Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis etc.

Not to mention the Dementia’s of Pellagra see this link where I talk about it

Or IBS, Heartburn/GERD, Constipation and Diarrhea etc of NCGS /Celiac disease.

And why I am trying to educate people of this fact. For as I am fond of saying “To Educate is to Free Truly” see this blog post where I talk the importance of education of this fact.

Why is this possible?  What is the connection and how can one Vitamin be responsible for so much misery and suffering? When we are dependent on it? It begins to make a lot more sense.

Well we all need energy to survive no doubt we would agree.  Niacinamide plays a special role in the Mitochondria of every Cell in our body to make energy.

This is most pronounced in area where there is high cell division.  Think the energy needed for pregnancy/to have a child.  And the cell division that goes on when we are constantly replacing (shedding) old skin and replacing it with new skin and you begin to see how this could affect so many body systems/organs in the body.

Note: This is the same reason pregnant people get Acne and develop heartburn late in the pregnancy.

Webmd says as many as 1 in 2 ladies will get Acne during their pregnancy.

And new research has linked Eczema in babies to a Niacin deficiency in the mother before birth.

Yet they don’t know you have become low in a Vitamin due to your high stress (energy) needs.

The same is so for the GI system.  Our body replaces the mucus linings of our stomach approximately once a quarter or every 3 to 4 months.
I talk about why this so in this blog post by the Celiac Posterboy linked here

Heartburn/GERD in pregnant people really is Gestational Pellagra and the Doctor’s haven’t understood the increased need by your bodies for Niacinamide when we are stressed by pregnancy.  And they need more Niacinamide to make the energy necessary to prevent the destruction of the lining of the stomach and skin layers.

The replacement of these cells (epithelial) according to the Oxford University Press definition

“relating to or denoting the thin tissue forming the outer layer of a body’s surface and lining the alimentary canal and other hollow structures: ie “the epithelial cells lining the gut” ·

The stomach can be a harsh place so these cells are constantly replacing themselves as well as the tough outer layer of epidermis which takes the brunt of the damage for your body because they are the first layer of tissues (skin) etc that invaders/bacteria, viruses etc come in contact with.

So without knowing it your body is constantly using a lot of energy to maintain itself.  This constant energy drain on our system can make us low in time (usually 3 to 4 months) the exact time/amount you can store Niacinamide in our liver.

When you get below a critical level you can no longer maintain or repair the lining of the stomach or your skin and it breaks down and you develop acne, psoriasis and other dermatitis issues etc.

So if you want to get rid of your sour/rough skin ie Pellagra then topically apply some Niacinamide to work from the outside in (hydrating) and the inside out (rebuilding) your epithelial layers (skin and GI linings) so it can continue to protect you.

And once repaired your skin condition should get better.

In case this is the only post you read I will repeat here for knowledge sakes ****** the number one mistake people make when taking Niacinamide is they don’t take it long enough.  It should as I have said elsewhere in this blog it should be taken UNTIL you are burping and I might add burping without bloating and your stool begins to SINK where it probably floats now.  Most people will burp when taking Niacinamide in 4 to 5 months or less taking it 3/daily — ie with each meal.

It takes 4 to 6 months to overcome your dependency on this Vitamin for your epithelial layers (GI lining/tissue/Skin/epidermis) to heal itself. And maybe longer depending on how deficient you are but these should be expected outcomes for most people who try both a topical treatment of Niacinamide in their skin lotions and oral in gestation by pill/capsule.

What is the sign that your body is healing from the inside out.  From the outside in you will see improved dermatitis conditions like better acne control probably in the first few months.  From the inside out once your GI is healed itself because it has enough Niacinamide to repair itself you will begin BURPING for the first time in years if ever depending on how long you have had your deficiency.

This should be an/your “Aha” moment when your skin flare ups begin to go into remission because if it is able to repair the Mucus lining of the stomach it is able to do the same to the epithelial cell/layers of your epidermis/skin/acne/Rosacea, Psoriasis etc.

I could write more but this is enough to give you the tools needed to help yourself.  You now know enough to change.  I don’t know if you will only you can decide that for yourself but I routinely help my friends who will listen with Acne usually when they are stressed who no longer need expensive medicine’s that they need to continue to take year after year.

Amazed that something soooo simple as a Vitamin has helped them control their Acne/ inflammation that always seems to “break out” at the worst times.  When they are stressed out their Acne always seems to get worse (or have eaten a lot of gluten triggering an auto immune reaction in their body triggering inflammation).

Well if you want to put the “brake outs” in time out then take the Niacinamide Challenge by Celiac Posterboy  and see for yourself if in 6 months your Acne is not in permanent time out?

You will only know if you are willing to try it.  What have you got to lose the Dermatologist already uses it with his patients topically.

But it keeps coming back because you are not supplementing with it orally.

Heal you skin from the inside out and it won’t/shouldn’t come back.

It takes 4 to 6 months to overcome your dependency on this Vitamin for your mucus membranes (GI lining/skin epidermis/acne) to heal itself.   (These are meant to be conservative times you might experience relief before this time but do not stop taking the Vitamin for at least 6 months because you need a reserve against future stresses/trauma).

Once repaired you can maintain them barring some future stress/trauma depleting your reserves at which time Heartburn/GERD/IBS, Acne, symptoms will return and you will lose your burp again.

And the cycle repeats and the Pellagra symptoms come back with a vengeance.

Remember **** This is not medical advice and should not be considered such. Results may vary. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your regimen.

By The Celiac Posterboy who writes/blogs about the digestive disorders that Pellagra causes today often presenting as other diseases such as GERD, IBS, UC, Chrons or other GI problems and even NCGS and in Time Celiac Disease. And now the other D’s of Pellagra like Depression and Dermatitis issues like Acne, and Psoriasis.

Yes I have written a book on the GI problems of Pellagra aka Celiac disease today but you needn’t buy the book just read my blog and tell others when you are better is all I ask.

Search for it if you are interested by using the below key words or don’t that is ok too just tell other Starfish (fellow sufferer’s) like yourself that need to hear that when we get the correct diagnosis there is “hope for those still searching”.

Get the correct diagnosis and you get better! Praise bee to God!

THEN tell others is all I ask – however that is (post on facebook, twitter, comment on my blog,  post it on you tumblr account, email a friend this link or link this blog to yours, or review my book on Amazon when you are BURPING for the first time in years or (EVER) – tell a friend about this blog or my book is all I ask but don’t let the chain break with you.

Or your Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema and//or other GI problems are better than they have been in years and years and Acne is in permanent time out and your “skin” flares have gone away even though you still eat your trigger foods.

There a lot of starfish (sufferers’) who STILL need help and haven’t heard because the doctor’s don’t see Pellagra anymore even when it is staring back (Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema etc.) at them in your faces.

As always search for the “Celiac Posterboy” or “Celiac Poster boy” or “Fight Gluten Win” or “Fight GERD Win” if you want to read all my blog posts for as I have said elsewhere in this blog and it bears repeating “To Educate is to Free” Truly.

The Celiac Posterboy by the Grace of God,

2 Corinthians (KJV) 1:3,4  3) “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; 4) who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble (starfish), by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”

2 Timothy 2: 7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included.

Joe “Rock” Pen Name


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